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Posted on - December 8th, 2015

Defibrilator’s new location

The defibrillator used to be fixed to the outside wall of Burland Stores. Since the sale of those premises, it has been moved to Hardbrook Engineering, Wrexham Road, Burland, CW5 8ND (by kind permission of Mike Harper).

Residents are reminded that in the event of the need to use the defibrillator (known as an ‘AED’ – automated external defibrillator), the first step is to call 999 and then start CPR on the patient.

If there is more than one person with the patient at the time of the sudden cardiac arrest, one person should remain with the patient using CPR, whilst another other collects the AED and brings it back to the patient.

The Ambulance Service response time is approximately 8 minutes and the use of an AED can be a valuable tool in saving lives. If you need any more information please contact the Clerk